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About us?

Innovative startup – Benefit company

Originy was established in 2022 as a natural evolution of projects developed within the R&D department of Plastica Alfa S.p.a. The innovative startup registered as a Benefit Company has the social purpose of disseminating carbon neutral technologies for the valorization of CO₂ through the production of microalgae and the extraction of high value-added compounds.

Plastica Alfa is a joint stock company with a 40-years-experience in the water distribution and treatment within the irrigation, hydraulic, and thermohydraulic industries. Thanks to our constant sensibility to the themes of innovation and research, to the collaboration with numerous research centers, universities, and specialized networks, our company developed advanced systems to also distribute water for similar sectors like the one of biotechnology. Plastica Alfa moved its know-how relative to the cultivation methods of various microalgal strains and the specific knowledge in the extraction of high-added-value elements to Originy.

Our partners

Our history


Plastica Alfa obtains a specific know how on the CO₂ biochemical conversion processes


Bio4Bio, a project on circular economy in the agricultural industry, gets funded.


Plastica Alfa represents Italy at G7 Workshop on Industrial Symbiosis Birmingham.


Plastica Alfa becomes an active member of the Bio-Based Industries
Joint Undertaking BBI.


The algae growth plant prototype is developed on an industrial scale.


The C³ Carbon Capture & Conversion project starts. A 50k liters algae cultivation plant.


Haematococcus Pluvialis and Arthrospira Platensis production on an industrial scale.


Plastica Alfa is awarded the BBI JU Sinergy Label for the BLooM-DEMO project.


Originy is founded

What we do?

Sustainable products and systems

The societal purpose of our company is to promote technologies that use CO₂ from the perspective of circular economy. Embracing the concept of Biorefinery, Originy employs CO₂ at a biochemical level to feed microalgal biomass and, through Green extraction (Eco-Friendly physical methods and/or solvents), transform it in industrial products with several applications.

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