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Originy provides complete and integrated systems for microalgal production and the extraction of elements and additives. Turnkey systems made of modular facilities based on the employment of closed polymeric photobioreactors designed and produced in-house.

In addition to algal growth facilities at industrial scale, we provide all process auxiliaries, the machines, and the equipment for the biomass dewatering phase.


The inoculation facility ALGAE SPEED_V6_540 consists of 6 tubular, polymeric photobioreactors, each with a nominal annular volume of about 90L at full load. Photobioreactors are located on a steel skid. The facility is equipped with a programmable logic controller system (PLC), which allows to control different processing parameters useful to monitoring the various algal growth phases (pH and temperature). The automation control system is integrated with a system equipped with an electrovalve, linked to a CO₂ tank, which allows the CO₂ insufflation necessary to grow microalgae following a particular and predetermined pH value range, specifically evaluated on the base of cultivated microalgal strains. Inside the empty volume of each photobioreactor, two 22W LED lamps are positioned at different heights. ALGAE SPEED_V6_540 is equipped with an air insufflation system and an external heat pump to heat/cool the culture solution.

perks of photobioreactors

Two types of algal growth facilities are the most common: open ponds or closed photobioreactors (PBR). Open ponds show serious limitations such us the highly occupied surface, loss of great quantities of water due to evaporation (100-200 m3/ha every day), thus resulting in strong salinity variations and low stability of the growth system due to the supply of rain water.

The ORIGINY cultivation technology is based on the employment of a specifically designed plant facility with closed polymer based PBRs, characterized with a high resistance to photo-oxidation (related to the continue exposure to solar irradiance) and high resistance to fouling.

Zero contamination

High yields

High purity

Process water recovery

Cost reduction

Turnkey plant facility

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