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The company has a plant with a production capacity of about 4 tonnes of biomass per year and has developed green methodologies for the extraction of active ingredients from microalgae. In particular, the company has specialised in the production of protein hydrolysates extracted from Chlorella for agriculture and formulations for nutraceuticals based on Phycocyanin, extracted from Spirulina. The company also boasts numerous collaborations with universities and research centres, thanks to which it has developed and registered several patents.

All our products follow the principles of green extraction




The First Phycocyanin Supplement

Bluvis® is the first food supplement in Italy based on liquid Spirulina extract rich in Phycocyanin and supplemented with Copper. The liquid form allows better bioavailability and excellent assimilation, for rapid absorption by the organism. Bluvis® has an ENERGIZING, ANTIOXIDANT and IMMUNOMODULATING effect useful for those who have to sustain intense physical, sporting or intellectual activity and those with low immune defences. Bluvis® is SUGAR-FREE, WITHOUT COLOURING AGENTS and 100% NATURAL. The efficacy of its formulation in addition to its liquid form allows for reduced daily intakes compared to other spirulina supplements currently on the market.


The first biostimulant against climate change

Algaspring is the first foliar biostimulant with ANTISTRESS action, 100% natural. Its formulation helps counteract the effects of climate change on crops by strengthening the plants’ natural biochemical stress response mechanisms. Algaspring is a plant protein hydrolysate, extracted from the microalga Chlorella and the macroalga Ascophyllum. The function of Algaspring is to stimulate the plant’s natural processes for nutrient uptake and tolerance to water and abiotic stresses, ensuring crop quality. Particularly suitable for certified organic crops.

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